#TBT=The Big Three

Hello Rockstars! Happy Tuesday. I hope all of you are having a wonderful week thus far. It’s two days into a new week and we have some BIG announcements to make. So without further a dew, check. it. out. 1. On THURSDAY NOVEMBER 8th, 2012 at 11:00am EDT, I will be interviewed by the amazing Sahil […]

Who do I say I am?

I, Joann Lim, have a confession to make. My mother has no idea what I do. I can say this because a) it’s true and b) the likelihood of her reading this is slim to none because I don’t even think she knows that I have a blog (insert laughter). It’s true. In her opinion, respectable […]

Inspired Failure

*please click image to enlarge or continue below for plain text version **plain text version** I have failed…several times. There are many things that I have attempted in life and many have resulted in failure. I tried out year after year for the basketball and volleyball teams…I never made it once. I was a budding […]

A Christmas Gift for YOU

In this season of Giving, I wanted to give YOU something to remember. This is one gift that grows in power with everyone you share it with. My request: share it with others…please. The world needs you. Happy Wednesday Rock Stars! To download PAVE THE WAY by Chris Assaad, please visit http://itunes.apple.com/ca/artist/chris-assaad/id316103231

Save the best for last?

“Save the best for last” is a saying that has been around for decades and one that has me curious. One of the questions that comes to mind is this: if we save the best for last, will we really enjoy it when it arrives? I used to save things for “special days,” which when […]

Embracing My Right-handedness

Growing up I always wanted to be left-handed. In my eyes, it was cool to be a lefty. “Why?” you ask. Because in every group of righties, there is always one, maybe two lefties and I could be one of them! INSIGHT TIME: I wanted to be unique. I wanted to stand-out. I wanted to […]

The Year of Abundance

Monday January 10th, 2011, 3:59pm Good day friends and fellow connoisseurs, Happy Monday! We are one week into this 2011 year and there is a certain buzz and energy in the air. Perhaps it’s because a new year is upon us or that it feels like we can begin again or start something new. Whatever […]