How to Make a Splash in 2017: 10 Strategies To Withstand & Persevere The Storm

Over the past couple of years, I have had the wonderful privilege of meeting incredible people of all sorts. Today I wanted to introduce you to a particular Rockstar who is transforming the landscape of how we experience, how we educate, and how we execute ideas into reality. Hamza Khan is an award-winning digital strategist, […]

The #1 Key to Victory

My husband Drew was born in Texas and thus that makes me a Texan by marriage. Yesterday, our beloved Houston Texans played the Tennessee Titans. So what? Yes, that is precisely what most non-football fans would say…until you start seeing football not just as a sport but as a story. In this particular story, the Texans […]

Saying, “I do.”

Relationships come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. A relationship occurs between people. A relationship occurs between our self and our work/careers. A relationship occurs with ourselves. Many were fascinated when they heard that I was embarking on The Playground Project. But what exactly sparked this adventure? The answer: the need to keep the spark […]

Currency of Life

“The days are long but the years are short…” Time flies. It really does. It is something that most of us crave more of but don’t really know what to do with it when we have it. It is one of those “things” that the less there is, the more we want. Time has a […]

Connoisseur Tips courtesy of another Connoisseur of Life…

These tips are courtesy of my good friend Mike Nyznyk who is funny, talented, and absolutely loves life. Now I’m not quite sure where the original came from however, today I shall give credit to the person who SHARED it with me:) Thanks Mike!