Hidden in the Spotlight

When life hands you lemons, squeeze every ounce of juice out to make lemonade, lemon pasta, and so much more!   “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are are.”-Bill Widener When the unexpected happens, it is a test of one’s character, resolve, and willingness to push through or… be pushed around. […]

Inside-Out Living.

Mosquitoes and I do not get along. We seem to have a love-hate relationship. They love me and I hate them. (My mum told me hate is a strong word and one that I shouldn’t use but in the context of mosquitoes, I feel like it’s appropriate) It is rather annoying because I can’t seem […]

Connoisseur Tips courtesy of another Connoisseur of Life…

These tips are courtesy of my good friend Mike Nyznyk who is funny, talented, and absolutely loves life. Now I’m not quite sure where the original came from however, today I shall give credit to the person who SHARED it with me:) Thanks Mike!