This is about Love. Dangerous, Game-Changing Love.

Love transforms everything...and everyone.

Big Picture Fine Focus is more than just a name...

it's a LIFESTYLE. It's a DARE to DREAM BIGGER, BE BOLDER, and LIVE MORE FULLY. It’s a catalyst for extraordinary living and a fuel stop for dreammakers and trailblazers who desire to make a difference and use their lives to leave this world better than they found it. It's a game changer that triggers your heart to skip a beat and light a fire within. It's a place that reminds you that You Matter, You Are Treasured, and most importantly, You Are Loved.

"I Am Perfectly Imprfect*". Big Picture Fine Focus is a place to come just as you are and leave better than you came. As such, you’ll notice from time to time, this website will look less than perfect. We’re doing things live…just like life.
*Imprfect was intentionally spelled this way:)