Whatever You Believe, You Will See.

The "I" is a window to the soul...

Imagine with me

...a world, a country, a city, a community, a life transformed by Love.

Dignity for all.
Not a nice to have nor reserved for a select few, DIGNITY is at the core of everything we create whether policy or product, for entertainment or education. Dignity is love in action.
Cut the Crap. No. More. Junk.
We need to get rid of the trash and make room for the treasure. Mediocrity or Excellence. Only one can reign supreme.
Now. Is. It.
Time is the currency of life. Another day, Another PRESENT (moment to do good, do well, and leave this world better than we found it).
Your Move.
Love, Compassion, Generosity, Excellence are not one day things or some day things, they are everyday invites to you and I. They occur moment-by-moment, choice-by-choice. It's your move.

"So no matter what I say, what I believe, and what I do, I'm bankrupt without Love."-1 Corinthians 13:3, MSG

What Do You (want to) See?

We create junk (food, tv shows, products) and wonder why our society is unhealthy.

We say we want to cure cancer but our actions show otherwise.

We know that diabetes is an epidemic yet the company who is out to fight obesity is the same one who is contributing to the cause.

We know certain behaviours lead to certain outcomes like smoking and cancer yet so many seemed surprise when they get cancer after years of smoking. As long as we treat it, what is the incentive of quitting?

We hear of on going acts of violence in our cities, countries, and world yet we do not think twice about the content we create for tv, video games, etc.

We are a lot of smart people doing stupid things. We live in a world of intelligent fools.

The solution to our problems are often very simple yet the very nature of us complicated them such that we do nothing. We want change but we want others to do it yet when they take action we tell them that they are doing it wrong. First to criticize, last to care. What if we became first to care and last to criticize?

What then would our world be like if the junk food aisle got kicked out of every grocery store?

What would our world be like if you had to be nutritious and delicious to get a spot in the grocery store?

What would our world be like if tv stopped being trashy and became a place to fuel people up vs rob them of dignity?

What would our world be like if we rewarded for good health practices?

What would our world be like if the ABCs of education were Appreciate Brilliance Compassion?

What would our world be like if we became familyaholics, loveaholics, giveaholics, kindnessaholics, hopeaholics, gratitudaholics?

What would our world be like if there was a penalty (higher tax) for working over a certain number of hours?

What would our world be like if daily siesta was a worldwide practice?

What would our world be like if drink dispensers featured water, green tea, acv tonics, and drinks that do good vs rot your teeth?

What would our world be like if every company was a more-than-profit company?

What would our world be like if social media shut off automatically every day after a certain period of time (depending on age, occupation)?

What if all restaurants were allergen free?

What if every item in the grocery store was organic and free of artificial ingredients?

What if pharmaceuticals were a last resort vs our go to solution?

What if "complementary" medicine became our modern medicine?

What if we had to live life without one of our senses each month?

What if every company was a B1G1 organization?

What if schools were more like make-a-thons?

What if the regular "work week" was reverse and was 2 days on, 5 days off or 3 days on, 4 days off? Would we find more people employed?

What if we all had access to transparency lenses to see whether we can trust someone or not. Would you pass?

What if we designed with our eyes closed and our hearts opened?

What if the worlds richest and the world poorest had to trade lives for a week?

What if love was at the centre of why we create, how we create, and who we create for?

What if our world awarded and rewarded bravery, game changers, humility, innovation, kindness, "best in class"?

What if you had to pay more for trashy tv? The good stuff is free. It will cost you more for the crap both in the short term and long term.

What if it was harder to get married meaning there are admission requirements, and hurdles to pass before the union is passed? Harder to get married, harder to get divorced. Easier to get married, easier to get divorced.

What if children called the shots on whether adults get promoted?

What if every government, every company had to publish an annual failure report?

What if companies who choose to use pesticides had to publish the pesticide count on their products for grocery shoppers to see?

What if there were scanners such that when you scan a product, it will tell you whether the ingredients may or will cause you any harm?

What if all hospitals became wellness centers?

What if to buy a bigger house, you had to show what you would do with a tiny house? (Those who are faithful with little will be faithful with much)

What would our world be like if we traded Instagram for instagratitude?

What would our world be like if we spent less time on Facebook and more time with our faith book?

What if companies who use sweat shop labour had to include that in their product labels?

What if business cards were reward cards? What would you reward?

What if there was a penalty for waste? Would we become more resourceful or more conniving?

What if you paid for stuff with minutes of your life vs money? Would it be worth your time?

What if junk food was the most expensive thing in the store?
Drew: "It is. You just don't pay for it in money, you pay for it with your health." No health, no wealth.

What if creating junk was a criminal act and a punishable crime?

What if you got a carbon copy/duplicate of every word you speak, every action you take?

"What if everything you did to someone happened to you?"-Drew Lesiuczok

What if old school farming was our main source of food?

If you could have one thing delivered everyday, what would you want delivered?

What if smart phones were actually making us dumber?

What if every year the amount you giveaway is the amount you get to keep?

What if the GDP is replaced by the GHP (gross health percentage), GGP (gross giving percentage)?

What if our world was built around people having less and being more vs having more and being less?

What if having excellent health afforded you discounts at your favourite places, travel, insurance, etc?

What if we all came with a unreloadable gift card that had time loaded on it and everything we did, we swiped our gift card. Would you spend your life the same way?

"When we change the way we Love, we change the way we live. When we change the way we live, we change the way we Love."

-Joann Lim Lesiuczok