Lifestyles of the Confident and Courageous.

Our world has a problem…a growing problem, an infectious disease, an epidemic. It is so serious that if we don’t start doing something about it, it will kill us…it has already begun. Some people/companies are all abot ending hunger, while others are about ending homelessness and addictions. Earlier this year, the brilliant Ben Arment ( […]

Your Wealth=C-H-O-I-C-E

Happy Tuesday Beautiful People! First off, a very special Happy Birthday to my father-in-love Beany and Happy Birthday Eve to my dear father George-two very special gentlemen who are incredibly talented, warm and caring, compassionate, and are wonderful examples of doing little things with great love! I love you both dearly and wish you nothing […]

I Am A Jerk.

a personal reflection dated May 14th, 2013 I am torn. In the other room is my amazing husband whom I love and who I hear laughing while enjoying a show. And in our bedroom, I sit thinking, wondering, and contemplating all that is within me. You see, I love life. I think it’s fascinating with all of […]

IT Syndrome

You know them, I know them, we’ve all used them. In some form of another, if/then statements have become everyday statements. (A close relative to the when I/then I statements) If I get this raise, then I will be happy. If I do well on my test, then I will feel smart. If he says, […]

Please Stop the Madness!

We, in North America, live in a society that demands things get done faster, cheaper, & better and everyone wants it NOW…or yesterday. No matter what industry you are in, I guarantee you, that you need the help of others to       a) do your job, b) have a job, c) make a […]

Say it with me now….

I am Responsible. I am Responsible for how I feel, the thoughts I have, the opinions (created by self and given by others) I enable to be truths, the actions I take, the choices I make, and the life I lead. I am Responsible for my happiness and sadness and every emotion in between. I […]

Make Believe.

As a child, most of us are familiar with playing “make believe.” During this time, we envision being someone else and/or someplace else (perhaps in a new role, having a new name, being your favourite person, etc). In that very moment, we are completely in character and in that moment, we believe we are that […]

Dream. Risk. Fulfill.

Sometimes, I’m lead to believe that we, human beings are afraid of our own potential. Perhaps it scares us with the knowledge that we are capable of anything we put our minds to and the sky is the limit. Perhaps this sheer knowledge of the magnitude we are capable of overwhelms us….why? Because we realize […]