Game Changers.

A simple act of kindness can change our world. -hold the door for others -say please and thank you -smile -return your buggy to where they belong vs leaving it randomly in a parking lot (you would be annoyed if it was your car that got damaged by someone else’s laziness or carelessness) -take deep […]

The #1 Key to Victory

My husband Drew was born in Texas and thus that makes me a Texan by marriage. Yesterday, our beloved Houston Texans played the Tennessee Titans. So what? Yes, that is precisely what most non-football fans would say…until you start seeing football not just as a sport but as a story. In this particular story, the Texans […]

IT Syndrome

You know them, I know them, we’ve all used them. In some form of another, if/then statements have become everyday statements. (A close relative to the when I/then I statements) If I get this raise, then I will be happy. If I do well on my test, then I will feel smart. If he says, […]

Be Addicted…I Dare You.

I was recently inspired by a statement made by one of my mentors John Gray (@realjohngray, He said, “When it comes to relationships, people often want the instant version but want it to feel like it was homemade.” This notion got me thinking. How often in life do we operate the same way in […]

Saying, “I do.”

Relationships come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. A relationship occurs between people. A relationship occurs between our self and our work/careers. A relationship occurs with ourselves. Many were fascinated when they heard that I was embarking on The Playground Project. But what exactly sparked this adventure? The answer: the need to keep the spark […]

Rated E for Everyone

For many, life is comparable to watching a movie. And for many, it typically goes something like this: Awake at the beginning. Asleep through the middle. Awake at the end/towards the end. When looking at our own lives, are we following the pattern above or are we actually awake and engaged through the whole thing? […]