Just Plank It.

I have a confession to make: I really dislike planks. Correction: I really disliked planks. For those of you who do not know what a plank is, it is an exercise move in which you are basically in push-up position and resting either on your a) wrists or b) forearms for a specific length of […]

A Special Rockstar…has arrived.

It’s been a couple of months coming but TODAY is the day! Yes folks, today is the official release of my new book (ebook version) Rockstar 52: 52 Weeks of Make It Happen Mastery!  Filled with Connoisseur Keys, Consider This!, PlayBigPlayNow challenges, and weekly M.I.H. Opportunities, I trust that you will walk away with atleast one thing […]

Chew On This!

It’s 8:30pm on Monday and what a Monday it has been. Here’s a glimpse into Life from The Playground Project Occupation: Personal Shopper & Sous-Chef Client: A female executive who found herself working consecutive late nights leading to non-existent breakfast, lunches on the go, and take-out/order-in dinners. In addition, these late nights left her feeling […]

Rule (of) the Playground

Over the past couple of weeks, the notion of giving and receiving has come up several times. Often, good-hearted people get addicted to giving to others but hesitate when it comes to receiving. More often then not, this hesitation or reluctance to receive stems from a feeling of guilt or the feeling that “if I […]