A Guide to Living a Life of Success and Significance.

“Like sand through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives.”-Intro to Days of Our Lives 168 hours/week 24 hours/day 1440 minutes/day $86,400/day Growing up, I was really, REALLY into Soap Operas. My baby sitter used to watch All My Children and General Hospital while I was supposed to be napping but for […]

New App: InstaLife

Years ago, I was told this story: There once was a priest who came from another country. While walking through a local grocery story, he noticed a container labeled “coffee powder.” He became curious and asked the gentleman beside him what coffee powder was. The gentleman replied, “just add water and you get coffee!” “Wow,” […]


“You never know what you have until it’s gone but you never know what you’ve been missing until it happens.” I’ve always loved this quote. I heard it years ago on a show some of you may or may not remember called “Temptation Island.” Let’s just say that this quote stuck with me. The rest […]

When I Find Myself Lost…

The other night, Drew, my pops, and I were out in Niagara Falls to catch the nightly fireworks show. It was dark out and the there were TONS of people everywhere awaiting the show to begin. At one point, my eyes were drawn to a little boy who was looking around and calling out for […]