31 & 9: Mis(s) Understood-Your Purpose. My Purpose. Our Purpose. Exposed.

31 Weeks Down, 9 to Go!   It’s been 31.5 weeks and the wonder and awe of being pregnant has not gone away. I live in utter amazement, immense gratitude, deep reflection, and the occasional moments of “is this real?”. It became oh-so-real the first time I saw that little heart beating inside of me […]

When I Find Myself Lost…

The other night, Drew, my pops, and I were out in Niagara Falls to catch the nightly fireworks show. It was dark out and the there were TONS of people everywhere awaiting the show to begin. At one point, my eyes were drawn to a little boy who was looking around and calling out for […]

J.O.B. Opportunity!

Looks can be deceiving. I’ve been deceived before and I’ve deceived others before. It’s true. See, I love giving gifts, no special occasion needed. Everyday is special enough to warrant a gift/surprise. I also love wrapping gifts. It’s a way for me to add just a bit more love. I have been known on more […]

Opportunity is Knocking…

Each week, I write a post called Beauty & Blessings: Wonder & Awe(some) a.k.a. look what God is doing on this earth and through people. Can you see it? Can you perceive it? His presence is all around us. His majesty is evident in every sunrise and sunset. His intelligence is within every piece of […]

The Blurred Life.

On my driver’s licence, it states that I, Joann Lim Lesiuczok, require corrective lenses. My eyesight is imperfect on its own and thus requires corrective lenses in order for me to see clearly and operate a vehicle safely. If you were to look at my spiritual driver’s licence, it too would state that I, Joann […]

Everyday _____________.

“Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds us all together in perfect harmony.” -Colossians 5:14 At church Christians. Once they step foot in the parking lot post service, all bets are off. The teachings that were just heard need not apply. Sunday Christians. Look like a Christian on Sunday, behave like an atheist on […]

When You’re Tempted to Quit…

I’ve been there. And maybe you’ve been there too. You’re motivated. You’re inspired. You’re ready to change the world. Things are going well and life is good. And then it happens. You lose your job. Your once strong relationship seems to be on the verge of breakdown. You get a disappointing health report. You lose […]