Quick Guide: Predicting Your Future

Over the past couple of years, I’ve begun noticing that watching close games in sports gives me a bit of anxiety. I may not be the only one here. Even when I know the outcome has no bearing on my life, I still experience the physical sensations of the anxiety. I first noticed it while […]

J.O.B. Opportunity!

Looks can be deceiving. I’ve been deceived before and I’ve deceived others before. It’s true. See, I love giving gifts, no special occasion needed. Everyday is special enough to warrant a gift/surprise. I also love wrapping gifts. It’s a way for me to add just a bit more love. I have been known on more […]

Opportunity is Knocking…

Each week, I write a post called Beauty & Blessings: Wonder & Awe(some) a.k.a. look what God is doing on this earth and through people. Can you see it? Can you perceive it? His presence is all around us. His majesty is evident in every sunrise and sunset. His intelligence is within every piece of […]

Beauty & Blessings: Wonder and Awe(some)

Welcome to the weekend beautiful souls! Let’s kick it off with a little something that may make your heart melt…it sure melted mine. Thank you to my amazingingly wonderful mother-in-love Andrea for sending this to me. This week has been pretty hectic as Drew and I finalized the details of our new car nicknamed The […]

Mid-Week LOVE (Letter).

Dear Beautiful Friend, Happy Wednesday! I hope that you’re having a wonderful week thus far. I just wanted to remind you of how amazing you are. YOU are a living, breathing miracle and though you (and perhaps others) may have forgotten, God and I, have not. You are a once in a lifetime creation-though there […]