Beautiful Chaos.

Love. Unconditional Love. Relentless. Timeless. Matchless. Full of Grace. Full of Truth. Full of Honour. Full of Dignity. Life-giving. Life-saving. Merciful. Unending. Unfailing. Complete. Wholehearted. Love.   They say that the body cannot go without water for a certain amount of time. Water is the source that hydrates our cells and enables the tiny power […]

Taking One For The Team.

I used to get in trouble a lot. I’m not talking once a month or once a week, I’m talking once a day. My brother on the other hand, never got into trouble. If he was the white sheep, I was most certainly the black sheep. Instead of praying that I didn’t get in trouble, I […]

Merry Christmas!

Good Morning Beautiful People, Happy Tuesday but not just any Tuesday, Happy January 7th! While this may seem like an ordinary Tuesday to you, it is no ordinary Tuesday for many Ukrainians and Eastern Orthodox all around the world. Today marks a very special day…it’s Christmas Day. The Christmas season is a time of faith, […]

A Christmas Gift for YOU

In this season of Giving, I wanted to give YOU something to remember. This is one gift that grows in power with everyone you share it with. My request: share it with others…please. The world needs you. Happy Wednesday Rock Stars! To download PAVE THE WAY by Chris Assaad, please visit