It’s Tuesday August 13th, 2013 and it’s a pretty spectacular day I might add. 1. Today, my nephew Jackson turns 1. One year ago, he joined the world 5 weeks earlier than expected and one year later, he is flourishing and growing in leaps and bounds. He has brought such joy to our lives and […]

Three Part Harmony

It’s Thursday and what a Thursday it will be. Today, the message is short and sweet. 1. BE AWESOME. Excellence in Action begins with you. Are you in or ARE YOU IN? 2. Our world needs Y(OUR) BEST. Are you ready? 3. YOU MATTER. This isn’t a question; it’s a statement. Thinking of you and […]

Monday's Musical Interlude: Pave The Way

Happy Monday Everyone! Today’s musical interlude is courtesy of the uber-talented, soul singer Chris Assaad. Give the song a listen and know that YOU (yes, YOU) have the superhero power of amazingness to transform the ordinary into extraordinary and the ability to….Pave The Way. Here’s to the incredibleness to come! J.L. Pave The Way By: […]

Musical Interlude: A way back play back

As spring takes it shape (ever so slowly in Canada), it is a reminder that change will come eventually. OUR CHOICE (that’s YOURS and MINE) is how we embrace change. Do we see change as an¬†OBSTACLE or an OPPORTUNITY? You see, change is inevitable. Your perspective on HOW you see it, is your choice. Happy […]

Save the Shoes

Mark Bezos shares a memorable moment in his life. The take-away: Save the Shoes Now I know what you’re thinking, “Are you nuts?” And my response, “WATCH THE VIDEO TO FIND OUT WHAT HE MEANS.” Here’s wishing each of you a brilliant weekend ahead to create and share memorable moments and perhaps an opportunity or […]

Celebrating Rock Stars: Matt Switzer

I am a lucky girl. Why? Because I am blessed, fortunate, privileged, whatever you want to call it, to know some INCREDIBLE ¬†rock stars. Today I want to honor one in particular. His name: Matt Switzer. Occupation: Connoisseur of Life. Matt and I met while we were both attending The University of Western Ontario. Our […]

Musical Interlude: Jake Shimabukuro

I love Queen and Bohemion Rhapsody is probably one of if not their most famous songs. Add in Jake Shimabukuro and his Ukelele (instrument of peace) and we see this song transformed from one of powerhouse to powerful. Jake shows us what it means to see something not solely for what it is but all […]