When There is Doubt, Be BOLDER.

We start every year with great expectations for the days to come. Many people make resolutions to: a) give up a bad habit/vice b) embrace a new virtue c) be their best selves Enter life. Enter inconveniences. Enter temptation. Suddenly, without knowing it, we find ourselves mid-way through the year and…nothing has changed or has […]

the Everyday New Project

I am a dreamer but more importantly, I am a Dream Maker. While I love envisioning great things, I love when they move from vision to reality. Along the way, I can sometimes fall prey to distractions or discouragement when things don’t necessarily pan out the way I think they should or when they should. […]

Share & Tell: The Playground Project!

Ladies & Gents, Happy Wednesday!  As many of you know, I am a life experience junkie and my passion lies within the human experience, building bridges and creating connection between people, experiences, and  most importantly with themselves. INSERT The Playground Project! Think Contiki (travel tour) for careers/jobs. From July 2nd-December 31st, 2012 my goal is to try […]


Our dreams are inspired visions of what is possible. Rooted deep within, they propel us forward on days when we feel like we can go no further. They give us hope of a happier tomorrow, which offers us happiness today. When we are young, we imagine. As we grow older, our imaginations give way to […]

The Awkward Years

My awkward years began at the age of 13 and lasted till I was about 16. During those three years, I felt unsure, kind of fuzzy in terms of where and how I fit in, and the bigger question, “who the heck am I?” It was also a time of physical awkwardness as I got […]

Four Word Fun…damentals

Inspired by Seth Godin’s four word statement: “Do Work That Matters,” I’ve taken the liberty to come up with some other ones that I’d like to share. Feel free to pass them on, incorporate them into your lives and come up with some of your own (which I then hope you will share with us). […]

Dream. Risk. Fulfill.

Sometimes, I’m lead to believe that we, human beings are afraid of our own potential. Perhaps it scares us with the knowledge that we are capable of anything we put our minds to and the sky is the limit. Perhaps this sheer knowledge of the magnitude we are capable of overwhelms us….why? Because we realize […]