Quick Guide: 2017 Kick Starter

2017 is here and with that, here are THREE I’s to help you kick off your year! Looking for a Little Something, Something To Look Forward to Each Month? Twelve months of inspiration, encouragement, playbigplaynow challenges, and fill-in-the-_________ goodness, this calendar will help you soar to new heights in 2017! It’s Raw. Organic. 100% Junk […]

Beauty & Blessings: This Week in Wonder & Awe(some)

What do YOU see? (Thank you to my beautiful mother-in-love Andrea for sharing this beauty!)   Only in Fairytales? How about if I told you these beauties are a plane ride away? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure…check out what these brilliant folks created using produce that were headed for the trash! A Father […]

Beauty & Blessings: This Week in Wonder & Awe(some)

Hello Beautiful Souls, Happy Weekend! This week was overflowing with incredible sights, sounds, and more. Here are some of the highlights!   Psalm 16:11   There is something about nature…something that is like a slice of heaven.   I love massages. Now imagine getting one in the middle of nature…         “Passion […]

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Have you ever over heard a conversation and thought you knew what they were talking about only to find out later that you heard incorrectly? How long did you go before realizing that what you initially heard was wrong? How did your perception of things, people, life change? (or did it?) So take a trip […]

Everyday Gourmet: This Week’s Menu!

Hello lovelies, Happy New Week! I hope all of you are well-rested and ready to enjoy an incredible week ahead. Meat-free, this week’s menu is “Pescatarian” friendly with 4 days of vegetarian entrees and 1 day of fish. Funny story. Years ago my sister-in-law was a Pescatarian (meaning she was vegetarian but also ate seafood). […]