HeART Work

A Rockstar Wish for you… A PlayBigPlayNow Action to take… A Big-Time Vision for you to imagine… Today folks, is the PERFECT day for amazingness. My hope is that you’ll have the courage to believe it, see it, and embrace it. Happy Tuesday Beautiful People! Love,  

Who do I say I am?

I, Joann Lim, have a confession to make. My mother has no idea what I do. I can say this because a) it’s true and b) the likelihood of her reading this is slim to none because I don’t even think she knows that I have a blog (insert laughter). It’s true. In her opinion, respectable […]

Made You Look.

What day matters? Today. Who matters? You and I do. Whose life matters? My life matters. Your life matters. How do I see it? Believe it. My past is painful. Forgive in the present. How do I move forward? One action, one choice, one moment at a time. What is the Ultimate Power? Love & Gratitude… and it’s FREE.

Celebrating Rockstars: Author Unknown

ONE ONE song can spark a moment, ONE flower can wake the dream. ONE tree can start a forest, ONE bird can herald spring. ONE smile begins a friendship, ONE hand clasp lifts a soul. ONE star can guide a ship at sea, ONE word can frame the goal. ONE vote can change a nation, […]