Conventionally Unconventional

There are many times in life when we think our life is over. Then we realize it was a false alarm and things are not nearly as “extreme” as we make them out to be*. *Please note: there are some exceptions to this rule. You are all bright enough to know the exceptions I may […]

Missing Keys & Hidden Opportunities.

In life there are obstacles and opportunities. The interesting part of obstacles is they are actually opportunities in disguise. On Sunday evening as Drew and I were about to head home, I went to my purse to grab my car keys only they were not in my purse. I searched everywhere but no keys could […]

Celebrating Rockstars: Author Unknown

ONE ONE song can spark a moment, ONE flower can wake the dream. ONE tree can start a forest, ONE bird can herald spring. ONE smile begins a friendship, ONE hand clasp lifts a soul. ONE star can guide a ship at sea, ONE word can frame the goal. ONE vote can change a nation, […]