Missing Keys & Hidden Opportunities.

In life there are obstacles and opportunities. The interesting part of obstacles is they are actually opportunities in disguise. On Sunday evening as Drew and I were about to head home, I went to my purse to grab my car keys only they were not in my purse. I searched everywhere but no keys could […]

Make Believe.

As a child, most of us are familiar with playing “make believe.” During this time, we envision being someone else and/or someplace else (perhaps in a new role, having a new name, being your favourite person, etc). In that very moment, we are completely in character and in that moment, we believe we are that […]

Embracing My Right-handedness

Growing up I always wanted to be left-handed. In my eyes, it was cool to be a lefty. “Why?” you ask. Because in every group of righties, there is always one, maybe two lefties and I could be one of them! INSIGHT TIME: I wanted to be unique. I wanted to stand-out. I wanted to […]

The Half-Ass Yes vs. The Respectful No

The Half-Ass Yes vs. The Respectful No By developing a mastery of our words, we develop a mastery of ourselves. By developing a mastery of ourselves, we develop a mastery of our words. “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” Dr. Seuss […]