Who do I say I am?

I, Joann Lim, have a confession to make.

My mother has no idea what I do. I can say this because a) it’s true and b) the likelihood of her reading this is slim to none because I don’t even think she knows that I have a blog (insert laughter).

It’s true.

In her opinion, respectable professions include: nurses, doctors, teachers, lawyers, and accountants. These were the professions of her era.

Insert me.

An unconventionalist who had no desire or interest to be one of the aforementioned professions.

Instead, I chose to search until I found something that was the most natural fit; something in which I could give my best each and everyday.

Over time, I had come to accept that my chosen career path may be a foreign thing to her…and that’s ok.

And then it happened.

She asked me a couple of questions that offered a glimmer of hope that perhaps she was trying to understand in her way.

The other evening, as we wrapped up dinner, my mum looked up and asked, “Joann, what is  Big Picture?”

My response: “Big Picture is a vision. If you can imagine a puzzle, the Big Picture is the completed puzzle. Fine Focus represents the individual puzzle pieces.”

She then followed that up with, “Define a coach.”

I replied: “A coach is a catalyst in helping someone rise to their potential. A good coach is like the baking powder in a recipe. Our role is to help individuals/organizations RISE. Baking Powder is sometimes referred to by its trade name MAGIC POWDER. A good coach is kind of like a magician in that way.”

I am not the main ingredient nor the thing you will taste.

Who I am is someone who will help you RISE to your potential and transform the ordinary into extraordinary, unleashing greatness one moment at a time. I can’t tell you the precise moment when it will happen. What I can tell you is that it WILL happen.

It’s magic that way.


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3 thoughts on “Who do I say I am?

  1. I loved this. I loved the fact that you chose to do something quite unconventional with your life and you were firm in your resolution in living out the way you wanted, especially with someone you love and need approval. If you were my grown child, I would have had to take a step back, feel a sense of pride, and let go of my dreams for what I thought you would have lived to allow you to live yours. I also loved the fact that you posted what I think to be your kindergarten picture. I had to think of my son who six years old is telling me, “Mommy, I want to play football.” I love my son enough to allow him to live out what he thinks is his dream. I hope that when my son is older he will have learned that Mommy will always love him no matter what profession he becomes or how he chooses to live out his life. An Old Testament Proverb says, “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” I hope to hold this true for my own son. You can too if you choose to have children. Bravo!

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