Be Awesome, Not An Asshole.

This morning, I woke up pumped for the day ahead. My plan was to stop by the Farmer’s Market when it opened, to pick-up one of their delicious cheese danishes for my wonderful husband as a Friday surprise. (Note: the last couple of times we have gone to get one, the lovely lady has sold […]

Are You For Real?

The other day, I was in the parking lot of Costco and as I was approaching the entrance, I observed a lady pushing her cart back. What was interesting in this case, was that instead of returning her cart to the area where all the available carts were located, she conveniently pushed it against a […]

What The Bully Doesn’t Know…

This week’s blog post comes from an amazing Rockstar Finu Cherian, who shows what is  possible and is a living, breathing testament of the power each one of us holds within. I encourage all of you to share this very special post with others as you just never know who you may be inspiring and/or […]


We’ve all been there. Things seem to be going great and then BAM! Something happens to rock our boat or perhaps even try and capsize it. Life is not always smooth sailing but it is in the midst of the roughest and toughest waves that we become master sailers. Yesterday, I sat down and watched […]

Made You Look.

What day matters? Today. Who matters? You and I do. Whose life matters? My life matters. Your life matters. How do I see it? Believe it. My past is painful. Forgive in the present. How do I move forward? One action, one choice, one moment at a time. What is the Ultimate Power? Love & Gratitude… and it’s FREE.

The Tarnish Rule

Most of us have heard of “The Golden Rule”: Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Today I want to look at another “rule” that more often than not creeps into our everyday behaviour making the Golden Rule a little (or extremely) rusty The Tarnish Rule shows up as “Treat others the […]

Inspired Failure

*please click image to enlarge or continue below for plain text version **plain text version** I have failed…several times. There are many things that I have attempted in life and many have resulted in failure. I tried out year after year for the basketball and volleyball teams…I never made it once. I was a budding […]

Happy Thanksliving!

Good Morning Rock Stars, Happy Monday! As this beautiful day is set before us, I wanted to take a moment to reflect upon this season…the bountiful harvest. Last week in Canada, we celebrated Thanksgiving-a time to give thanks and have gratitude for the people, experiences, opportunities and abundance in our lives. It was a time […]