Be A Part of The WOW.

I am guilty. I am guilty of not always being grateful. I am guilty of taking people, things, my gifts/talents for granted. I am guilty of believing that life was/is a series of obligations of “I had to or have to” do things vs treating life as a series of privileges “I get to…” It’s […]

Your Wealth=C-H-O-I-C-E

Happy Tuesday Beautiful People! First off, a very special Happy Birthday to my father-in-love Beany and Happy Birthday Eve to my dear father George-two very special gentlemen who are incredibly talented, warm and caring, compassionate, and are wonderful examples of doing little things with great love! I love you both dearly and wish you nothing […]

Fear Undermines. Courage Unleashes.

Living a fulfilled life is not easy, but it is rewarding. Along the way, we (you and definitely I) often encounter moments of confusion, uncertainty, frustration, and that powerful four-letter word: FEAR. In its fullest form, fear has the power to distract us as well as destroy us. The good news is, when we become […]

Are You For Real?

The other day, I was in the parking lot of Costco and as I was approaching the entrance, I observed a lady pushing her cart back. What was interesting in this case, was that instead of returning her cart to the area where all the available carts were located, she conveniently pushed it against a […]