Be A Part of The WOW.

I am guilty. I am guilty of not always being grateful. I am guilty of taking people, things, my gifts/talents for granted. I am guilty of believing that life was/is a series of obligations of “I had to or have to” do things vs treating life as a series of privileges “I get to…” It’s […]

The Blank Canvas Approach

I don’t always understand. I’m not always understood. I am perfectly imperfect. Each day is a blank canvas and wonder and awe are my paint brushes. The finished painting at the end of my day is my experience. I see potential in problems. I see opportunities in obstacles. I see Love and the longing for […]

Monday Mandate: Activate & Release

Good Morning Rock Stars, A brand spankin’ new day is upon us and it has extraordinary written all over it. Because it also happens to be a Monday, I know some of you out there have erased the extraordinary and instead have written horrendous, chaotic, crappy, etc. on it. Ladies & Gents, you are an […]