Life Lessons from an 81-Year Old…

Mentor. What comes to mind when you hear of the word mentor? According to, a mentor is defined as “a trusted counselor or guide or a tutor, coach.” In 2013, when the idea of “Born Again Dreammakers” came up, there were two people, two mentors in particular whose stories I wanted to share. Today, […]

Monday Mandate: Activate & Release

Good Morning Rock Stars, A brand spankin’ new day is upon us and it has extraordinary written all over it. Because it also happens to be a Monday, I know some of you out there have erased the extraordinary and instead have written horrendous, chaotic, crappy, etc. on it. Ladies & Gents, you are an […]

Celebrating Rockstars

A Rockstar in my eyes is a person who lives a great life and makes things happen no matter what. As such, I thought it would be only fitting that some of my posts are dedicated to honoring the Rock Stars in our lives. Many people often wonder “how are you so happy?” The answer, […]