The Quest of the West.

The West. The Best of the West. The Quest of the West. I’ve lived in the West(ern) part of the world for all of my life. I was born here. I was raised here. I’ve grown up here. I even went to a University called Western. Throughout the years, especially more recently, I’ve started to notice something […]

Lifestyles of the Confident and Courageous.

Our world has a problem…a growing problem, an infectious disease, an epidemic. It is so serious that if we don’t start doing something about it, it will kill us…it has already begun. Some people/companies are all abot ending hunger, while others are about ending homelessness and addictions. Earlier this year, the brilliant Ben Arment ( […]

No One Left Out (NOLO).

A couple of days ago, I was at the library down the street and while perusing the DVD aisle, I came across a title that grabbed my attention. It was called “To Save A Life.” The Premise of the Movie: Jake is the most popular kid in school and has a promising future, but his world […]

Celebrating Rockstars

A Rockstar in my eyes is a person who lives a great life and makes things happen no matter what. As such, I thought it would be only fitting that some of my posts are dedicated to honoring the Rock Stars in our lives. Many people often wonder “how are you so happy?” The answer, […]