Love Me, Love Me Not…

“Before being Christians or Jews or Muslims, before being Americans or Russians or Africans, before being generals or priests, rabbis or imams, before having visible or invisible disabilities, we are all human beings with hearts capable of loving.”-Jean Vanier   Each one of us has been created with the capacity to love. LOVE is powerful. Earlier […]

No One Left Out (NOLO).

A couple of days ago, I was at the library down the street and while perusing the DVD aisle, I came across a title that grabbed my attention. It was called “To Save A Life.” The Premise of the Movie: Jake is the most popular kid in school and has a promising future, but his world […]

The “It” Factor

It can cure sickness. It can restore health. It can design top of the line, world class, absolutely incredible products, processes, works of art. It can transform mundane to monumental It can transform ordinary to extraordinary. It can banish bullying. It can create peace. It can leverage strengths. It can revolutionize the way we live. […]

Tic-Tac-Toe 2012

Happy Monday Rockstars! In a world that is constantly selling us the image of health, wealth, and happiness, how effective would they be if we were to close our eyes? Without your sight, do you have vision? Today, I invite you to consider that to truly see the world we want and the life you […]

This is NOT ok.

Ladies & Gents, This is NOT ok. And by THIS, I am referring to bullying. Bullying of any sorts is NOT ok. Putting others down through words and/or actions in attempts to gain power and have control is NOT ok. For some of you out there, you may think that bullying is just child’s play. […]