Are YOU Ready?

Good Morning Rockstars, Happy Tuesday! I have the incredible privilege of knowing, meeting, and getting to know AMAZING people. Yesterday was living proof. My day kicked off with a Partner meeting with AJ Tibando (@ajtibando) who is nothing short of dynamite. As opposed to me sharing her story, I’m going to let her do the […]

This is NOT ok.

Ladies & Gents, This is NOT ok. And by THIS, I am referring to bullying. Bullying of any sorts is NOT ok. Putting others down through words and/or actions in attempts to gain power and have control is NOT ok. For some of you out there, you may think that bullying is just child’s play. […]

Say it with me now….

I am Responsible. I am Responsible for how I feel, the thoughts I have, the opinions (created by self and given by others) I enable to be truths, the actions I take, the choices I make, and the life I lead. I am Responsible for my happiness and sadness and every emotion in between. I […]

Performance Enhancers.

Last week, I introduced you to the infamous team of Robbers in town whose sole mission in life is to Rob you of your joy, self-dignity, and confidence. Today I want to introduce you to a different team, a team that I like to call the Performance Enhancers. The  mission of the Performance Enhancers is […]

"You are the Magic"-Paul Arden

I was in my early-mid 20’s in search of a meaningful career. I had a healthy bank account, was involved in stuff, yet had very little fulfillment in my life. I was unhappy. I was frustrated. I was living same day on repeat and it wasn’t a day I particularly enjoyed. I tried on friendships/relationships/jobs […]