Beauty & Blessings: This Week in Wonder & Awe(some)

Hello, hello! Happy [insert whatever day you are reading this]:) Wherever this finds you today, may this week’s treasures remind you that you matter, your life matters, and you are so incredibly loved. And perhaps it might even inspire you to uncover the hidden treasures in your own life…you might just surprise yourself with the […]

Be A Part of The WOW.

I am guilty. I am guilty of not always being grateful. I am guilty of taking people, things, my gifts/talents for granted. I am guilty of believing that life was/is a series of obligations of “I had to or have to” do things vs treating life as a series of privileges “I get to…” It’s […]

Hidden Treasures

Last week was just dynamite. It was certainly a week of wow moments. One of the big highlights: our Charleston papa Jim was confirmed to be cancer free!!! Hallelujah. The other wow moment came in the form of a hidden treasure. Have you ever been going about your day and stumbled upon something beautiful, eye-catching, […]

3 Letter Powerhouse.

It’s a three letter word that holds so much power, promise, and potential. It’s comparable to a bridge, an ‘x’ factor, and glue. It takes two things and puts it together. It requires thought, (often times) creativity, and a “Hell-Yes” attitude to stay committed and make it happen. AND is that powerful. According to Merriam-Webster […]