A BAD Post.

We live in a world that glorifies being busy and magnifies material goods. In the midst of it all is a deep desire within all of us for…connection. Real connection with real people. A type of connection that says,  “I hear you. I feel your pain. I celebrate your success. I understand. You can do it. You are worth […]

the Everyday New Project

I am a dreamer but more importantly, I am a Dream Maker. While I love envisioning great things, I love when they move from vision to reality. Along the way, I can sometimes fall prey to distractions or discouragement when things don’t necessarily pan out the way I think they should or when they should. […]

IT Syndrome

You know them, I know them, we’ve all used them. In some form of another, if/then statements have become everyday statements. (A close relative to the when I/then I statements) If I get this raise, then I will be happy. If I do well on my test, then I will feel smart. If he says, […]