Soundtrack of Your Soul.

  I love music. The one type of music that never ceases to amaze me is a cappella music…no instruments, just voices. Listening to a group sing acappella literally gives me goosebumps because for that moment in time, we are made aware of the power and beauty that occurs when voices come together. Not everyone […]

This Week in Photos: Beauty & Blessings

  TWO Videos of the Week!  That’s right folks, this week I’ve got two videos to share with you. The first video comes courtesy of my friend @johnsonfung of Grammaticus: Academy of Philosophy and Innovation  It’s a video that is absolutely breath-taking and jaw-dropping. Watch for yourself! p.s. Laniakea means immeasurable heaven in Hawaiian and you’ll […]

A BAD Post.

We live in a world that glorifies being busy and magnifies material goods. In the midst of it all is a deep desire within all of us for…connection. Real connection with real people. A type of connection that says,  “I hear you. I feel your pain. I celebrate your success. I understand. You can do it. You are worth […]