This Week in Photos: Beauty & Blessings

erica's wish event
To learn about the beautiful Sjonum, visit
september meet-ups
As the kids head back to school, here’s your chance to take in a yoga class or two (or three….). Check out this month’s LOLE meet-up schedule, which is overflowing with great classes.               Did I mention that they are FREE?
Moments that take our breath away happen each and everyday. The question is, are we present to them?
This beautiful turquoise coloured picnic bench in the middle of the farmer’s market this week was the perfect setting to write!
I randomly opened a book on my nightstand and this is the page I turned to.                                                                  Albert Einstein once said “coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” I agree:)
Another day, another beautiful sunset.
My farmer’s fresh breakfast smoothie: apple*, fresh mint*, ginger*, cucumber*, freshly squeeze lemon juice*, pineapple, pumpkin protein powder*, water (*=organic) #cleaneating #smoothies #breakfast


TWO Videos of the Week! 

That’s right folks, this week I’ve got two videos to share with you.

The first video comes courtesy of my friend @johnsonfung of Grammaticus: Academy of Philosophy and Innovation 

It’s a video that is absolutely breath-taking and jaw-dropping. Watch for yourself!

p.s. Laniakea means immeasurable heaven in Hawaiian and you’ll see why….


The second video is one that I may have shared before. It’s jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring and features a very gifted speaker and influencer named @louiegiglio (founder of The Passion Conferences). He too, talks about the universe…



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