It’s here. 2015…is here! I’m not sure about you but I for one, LOVE new beginnings. I love everything a new year brings: new hope, new dreams, new possibilities. The challenge is to maintain and sustain this fired-up, I-am-beyond-excited, savour-each-moment, fresh-and-fully-alive attitude not just for the month of January but for the 359 days left […]

A Game-Changing Statement

“In a single moment, it is all gone.”-Revelation 18:17 We live in a society of constant to-do lists in the pursuit of feeling “accomplished,” “getting things done,” and “delivering on promises.” Perhaps this is a familiar setting for you or for those around you. Then we come across one bold statement that challenges the way […]

Connoisseur Tips courtesy of another Connoisseur of Life…

These tips are courtesy of my good friend Mike Nyznyk who is funny, talented, and absolutely loves life. Now I’m not quite sure where the original came from however, today I shall give credit to the person who SHARED it with me:) Thanks Mike!