When There is Doubt, Be BOLDER.

We start every year with great expectations for the days to come. Many people make resolutions to: a) give up a bad habit/vice b) embrace a new virtue c) be their best selves Enter life. Enter inconveniences. Enter temptation. Suddenly, without knowing it, we find ourselves mid-way through the year and…nothing has changed or has […]

The #1 Key to Victory

My husband Drew was born in Texas and thus that makes me a Texan by marriage. Yesterday, our beloved Houston Texans played the Tennessee Titans. So what? Yes, that is precisely what most non-football fans would say…until you start seeing football not just as a sport but as a story. In this particular story, the Texans […]

Saying, “I do.”

Relationships come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. A relationship occurs between people. A relationship occurs between our self and our work/careers. A relationship occurs with ourselves. Many were fascinated when they heard that I was embarking on The Playground Project. But what exactly sparked this adventure? The answer: the need to keep the spark […]