Quick Guide: Predicting Your Future

Over the past couple of years, I’ve begun noticing that watching close games in sports gives me a bit of anxiety. I may not be the only one here. Even when I know the outcome has no bearing on my life, I still experience the physical sensations of the anxiety. I first noticed it while watching a playoff game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and The Boston Bruins. It was the third period and the leafs were up 4-0. Sounds like a sure win right? Wrong. Before we knew it, the Bruins scored not once but 4 times and ended up winning 5-4. Ouch.
Last week The Toronto Blue Jays were in the Wild Card playoff game against The Baltimore Orioles. The Jays were up 1-0, then the Orioles took a 2-1 lead. The Jays tied it up 2-2 and it remained that way until the 11th inning. For all you non-baseball fans/watchers, a typical baseball game is over in 9 innings. With every pitch on the line, fans in the stadium and those watching from home, sat at the edge of their seats. In the bottom of the 11th inning, Edwin Encarnacion stepped up to the plate and swung a blast to left field on the first pitch. 3-Run Home Run to win the game and send the Jays to the Division Series for the second year in a row.

Leading up to the playoffs, if we missed a game, I would ask Drew if they had won or lost the night before. If they had won, I would watch highlights. Somehow knowing what the outcome was made it easier.

Insert life.

Life can be filled with unpredictable moments like a surprise pregnancy, an unexpected death of a loved one, natural disasters, etc. Each day can feel like a wave of emotion and experiences. And sometimes with or without knowing it, the toll of life can leave us feeling tired and weary. BUT, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Insert one of my bestest friends. He’s super smart, super intuitive, super kind, super compassionate, and the most honest and loving soul that ever walked the face of this earth. I know a lot of awesome, amazing people but this dude takes the cake!

He was taken from this earth at the age of 33 and yet as devastating as that was, it worked out in my favour and the favour of all those who consider Him friend. You see, while He was alive, people mocked Him, belittled Him, and leading up to His death, they tortured Him. I still cringe thinking about it. When He died, the devil thought that he had won. My friend knew otherwise. He died on a Friday afternoon and on Sunday, He rose from the grave. Literally. My friend is beyond human. He is divine. And on that day that He rose from the grave, HE WON. He showed the devil that death had nothing on Him. My friend was victorious.

For all those who know Him, we can live with a peace knowing that no matter what does or does not happen during our short time here on earth, We Are Victorious! We. Are. Victorious! We. Are. Victorious!

His famous words still echo today:
“In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”-John 16:33

Unlike the anxiety I sometimes find myself in while watching a baseball, basketball, or hockey game, when it comes to the game of life, I can rest knowing that I don’t have to live for the victory, I (can) live FROM the victory.

Beautiful soul, I wonder if you know my friend. Maybe you’ve heard His name on the streets or in conversation with another. Perhaps you’ve never heard about Him. May I go out on a LIM(b) and introduce you to Him? I can tell you that He is the most amazing soul I have ever met. Life just gets better and betterer with Him. He loves you and I just as we are-faults, flaws, and all. And if you want to meet a real game-changer; someone who will bring out your best and make life more fulfilling, He’s your guy.

His Name: Jesus.

His Signature Trademark: Unconditional, Relentless, Above and Beyond, Love. And some might consider His love…dangerous because it changes everything and everyone.

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