Beauty & Blessings: This Week in Wonder & Awe(some)

Hey there Beautiful Soul,

Happy Easter Weekend!

If you’re in the mood for an Easter hunt of sorts, may I invite you to a Daily Treasure Hunt of Beauty & Blessings all around you. Whether you “collect” them in the form of a running list/note on your phone, or take a snap shot with your camera, something amazing happens as you grow your collection. Unlike the chocolate and sweets that are here one day and gone the next, your list/photos/collection of daily treasures are there for you to enjoy time and time again. It’s a gift that keeps giving.

May the treasures from this week’s Beauty & Blessings nourish your soul and may they never cease to remind you that
You. Are. Loved.


They saw a need and did something about it.

‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”-Matthew 25:40


“Nothing’s as real as a life told from start to finish”-Shad K


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Dangerous Love

Real Stories. Real Impact. Introducing CONSCIOUS MAGAZINE.

Photo Credit: CONSCIOUS Magazine via


Photo Credit: CONSCIOUS Magazine




Doing Well by Doing Good. This. Is. Possible. And these fine folks show us how….
Conscious Company


Eat. Drink. Change Lives. I love, Love, LOVE this… and you might too. #hope

Photo Credit: Cafe Momentum
Photo Credit: Cafe Momentum


It was National Puppy day this past week so to celebrate one of life’s cutest creatures (in my humble opinion), check these out!

Let’s begin with a dog who holds not one but TWO Guinness World Records!

Photo Courtesty of Guinness World Records
Photo Courtesty of Guinness World Records



I Spy With My Little I-Phone: This Week in Photos

My life revolves around the Son.


Turkey stuffed zucchini boats with roasted potatoes in duck fat. Sooooo delicious!


Did you know it takes 40 buckets of sap to make 1 bucket of maple syrup? Photo taken at Fulton’s Sugar Bush



Crispy romaine topped with sliced apple, sprouted pea shoots, sunflower sprouts and prosciutto. Drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. DE-LISH!


Precious moments with two very precious little girls.





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Jesus Monogram

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God's Way.

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