Dear Beautiful Soul…

Dear Beautiful Soul,

How are you doing today? No really, how are YOU doing?

Are you stressed (out)? Are you tired? Are you good? Are you not bad (which technically means you’re good right?!?)?

Are you happy? Or are you finding yourself everything but?

Wherever this note finds you today, may you know this:

Regardless of how you feel and regardless of what your current circumstances look like,


I’m not sure if you heard me so I will say it again,


Let that sink in for a moment…or two.



Believe beyond the statistics. Believe in spite of the facts. Believe in your place in this world even when the world doesn’t believe in you. Believe in yourself even when no one else does. Believe bigger than the disbelief around you.-@reginabrett

You are so loved regardless if you’re living the dream or far from it.

You are so loved regardless of how many fakebook friends you have and/or how many likes you get.

You are so loved regardless of what your past and/or present looks like.

You are so loved regardless if you feel it or not.

You are so loved because someone loves you.

So today as you go about your life, may these words “I am loved” take root in your heart. May it be on repeat in your mind and fill every crevice of your soul.

May you smile a little bigger, stand a little taller, breathe a little deeper, and live a little more knowing that someone is thinking about you (in a non-creepy way) and sending you love on this day and every day to come. The BEST is yet to come. Believe it…and you will see it:)


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