Ladies (and Gents) Who ________: What’s Your Legacy?

Legacy. What comes to mind when you read or hear that word?
Education fund?
Meaningful contribution?

According to Merriam-Webster (, the legal definition of legacy is
“a gift of property by will; specifically : a gift of personal property by will.”

When I read this definition, the first thing that strikes me is the first two words: A GIFT.

Legacy is A GIFT.

When you think of your life, what gift would you like to give to those around you?

PlayBigPlayNow Invite/Challenge this week:

If your life is a party and your legacy is the loot bag or take home favour you’re going to give to your guests, what would be in the bag? What would your favour of choice be?


(Learning from) Ladies Who ______.

Two ladies.
Two very different upbringings.
One was the daughter of Italian immigrant parents.
The other was the daughter of Americans.
One grew up in a home where Jesus and the Word of God was taught and modeled.
The other grew up in a home in which she was sexually, mentally, emotionally, and verbally abused by her father up until she left home at the age of 18.
(It makes me cringe just writing it and breaks my heart knowing that there are so many children who are abused by the folks that are supposed to take care of them).
One now spends her days with Jesus in heaven.
The other spends her day with Jesus on earth.
Both share a common legacy: Giving Hope.
Faithful and Faith-filled.


Molly Bruno.
A woman who had faith for believers and non-believers alike.
A woman who loved Jesus and was passionate about sharing His love and spreading His love.
She was the wife of a pastor.
She was the mother of two, the grandmother and great-grandmother of many.
She was a mentor, a confidante, a prayer warrior, and a hero.
She never stopped praying for those she knew and those she didn’t know.
Her life was a living legacy because every soul that encountered her left better off.
Marie Armenia would know.
She had the privilege of calling Molly Bruno “Mom.”
Molly Bruno had such a significant impact on her daughter that Marie wrote a book about her.
“The Audacious Molly Bruno” is filled with 21 Recipes for various aspects of life (like being real, laughter, being a mom, everyday living, living forever, etc.) including 81 Life Lessons that Molly taught her.
It goes to show that you yourself may never write a published book but live it well and someone else may write one about you!
Molly Bruno was a feisty, faith-filled, lady who knew what it meant to live for an audience of One.
Unafraid. Unashamed. Undeterred.
Many will enter the gates of heaven because of her.
Now that’s one incredible legacy.
And it’s the result of one Audacious lady.


What would you do if you were abused as a child?
Would you be angry? Sure.
Would you be sad? Most likely.
Would you stay angry? Maybe.
Would you stay sad? Quite possibly.
And then what?
Joyce Meyer was abused as a little girl.
When she got older, she got married and had a baby.
And then she got divorced.
She got married again.
And it almost ended in divorce.
But it didn’t.
Because something someone changed. She changed or rather the Holy Spirit changed her.
She gave her life to Jesus. For real this time.
And everything changed.
She is one of the most hilarious, straight-shooting, share-all teachers of the Bible out there.
She has written over 100 inspirational books including numerous best sellers.
Her most recent book is entitled “Living A Life You Love: Embracing The Adventure of Being Led By The Holy Spirit.”
The fact that she even wrote this book is a testament that how you start (in life) or where you start (in life) doesn’t have to dictate how you finish.

It’s easy to live same-old, same-old.
It’s easy to have a pity party about what went wrong, what isn’t happening, and why your life will always amount to less than…
It’s easy to compare, complain, and criticize.
But easy doesn’t equate with elevation.
This book is for those of us who want to elevate our lives to lives we love!

This book is simple, straightforward, and seriously life-giving.
Filled with practical tips, every day tricks, share-and-tell stories, and the Word of God, this book will help you and remind you that you can live a life you love.
No Matter What.
The question is: Do You Dare?

*You can learn more about Joyce Meyer and the legacy she is creating/leaving at


by Bohemian Girl

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