Free Admission: The REAL Reason I Write…

Have you ever wondered why you do what you do? Or perhaps why you don’t do what you don’t?

I have…on several occasions. Can I be honest here? I’ve wondered why I write. I’ve wondered what the point of all this is. I’ve struggled with what to write and what to share. It’s been a journey of finding my voice in an already noisy world.

And then I close my eyes and quiet the racket in my mind.



I write because it’s something I was born to do.
The Word gave me words.
Writing is like my version of worship.
I can’t help but write about the goodness of God.
He’s the air that gives me life.
He’s the reason for every season.
He’s the voice that says, “Give it one more shot. Write one more piece. Do it for me.”
I write because there is something about words that I love.
I think it has more to do with the Word, who I love.
He inspires me.
He captivates me.
He fascinates me.
And He loves me.
He. Loves. Me…and He Loves YOU!
Just as I am. Just as You are.
Perfectly Imperfect.
Faults, flaws, and all.
He loves me and I wish with all of my being that everyone knew how much He loves them.
It wrecks you in the best possible way.
It’s definitely wrecked me…and my plans.

Some people sing.
Some people write music.
Some people preach and teach.
I, write. I write and write again.
I’m not the best writer but I am the best me who writes.
I write because He gave me a voice-a voice to share His goodness and mercy; to share His love; to share Him.
I don’t ever know if my writing will ever do Him justice. But I will continue to write.
Because I know He’s reading.

There was a season of my life where it looked like writing was just a big waste of time. Many social media or business experts would question why I spend so much time writing when in their minds not a “significant” amount of people were reading it. But the truth of the matter is, ONE person is significant. ONE life is worth inspiring. ONE more life who knows Jesus is worth it. Even Jesus left the 99 sheep to look for the 1 lost one. That’s how much you and I matter to Him. And as I’m learning each day, whoever matters to Him, matters to me.

Jesus invites me everyday to go after the one lost sheep. This isn’t an obligation; it’s a privilege.
How? By focusing on the ONE who has me in the palm of His hand.
The ONE who promised never to leave me nor forsake me.
The ONE who gave up everything for the off chance that I would choose Him. Jesus knew I would choose Him.
Each day that I write, I tell Him “I choose you.”
Each day I put pen to paper, I say to Him, “I worship you. You are everything to me.”

I’ve come to the conclusion that my life has not made a lot of sense to a lot of people but it sure does to the ONE who created it.
I was created for a time as this. (P.S. So were YOU.)

I often feel like I’m making things up as I go. I don’t have a ten step method nor do I have a map of where I’m going. What I do have is a GPS or as Drew refers to it as my God Positioning System. Each day, I consult Him. I rely on Him. I need Him to keep me on track.

I write because maybe, just maybe, He has something to say through me.


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