To Tip or Not To Tip? That is the Question.

Have you ever been to a restaurant, a hair dresser, a spa, etc. and didn’t have the best experience? Perhaps your food wasn’t great, the hair cut wasn’t the way you had hoped, and/or the spa treatment was less than relaxing. Then the bill comes and long with it, the option on it to “tip.”


This happened to me a while back. Everything in me was saying, “bad service, bad tip” but then a small voice within said, “leave a good tip.” What?!? Seriously? This service was already overpriced and underpar. Why should I leave a tip?


Bad service=Bad tip, right?


The truth is, if this is how things worked in heaven, most of us wouldn’t have a shot in hell at getting in.


Poor choices + Bad behaviour= Eternal condemnation, right?


This might be how the world would respond, but not Jesus.
Jesus says, “Poor choices + Bad behaviour = Forgiveness.”


Consider the story about the Woman Caught in Adultery…


That’s the thing about grace, it doesn’t make earthly sense. It’s often if not always illogical and it is counterintuitive to how we typically think and behave.
Living the Jesus way isn’t easy.
Loving the Jesus way sometimes, often times feels nearly impossible.


And then I am reminded that “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”-Philippians 4:13


It says ALL things. Not somethings on somedays but ALL things.


I can love someone even if they don’t love me back.
I can be kind to someone even if they are unkind to me.
I can tip someone well even if the service I received was subpar.
“I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength.”-Philippians 4:13




Grace. It’s undeserved.
Grace. It’s a free gift and has no strings attached. We just need to receive it.
Grace. It’s the fruit of Gratitude.


The Grace-Filled Life comes from a Grateful Heart.


Grace. It’s not about you and it’s all about you.



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