Beauty & Blessings: This Week in Wonder & Awe(some)

Beauty…breathtaking beauty after the storm. ————————————————————————————————————————- Homemade Deliciousness (click on image to be taken to recipe) ————————————————————————————————————————- Divine Wisdom is all around. These gems came courtesy of Mike and Hayley Jones who shared their incredible story of doing God’s Will and how God works ALL things out for the good of those who love Him […]

Opportunity is Knocking…

Each week, I write a post called Beauty & Blessings: Wonder & Awe(some) a.k.a. look what God is doing on this earth and through people. Can you see it? Can you perceive it? His presence is all around us. His majesty is evident in every sunrise and sunset. His intelligence is within every piece of […]

Do You Dare?

We can do better. The number of patients in our (expanding) cancer wards are proof. We can be better. The fact that poverty, racism, and war still exists are proof. We can live better. Technology, design, accessibility of everything and to an extent everyone, are proof. So where do we begin? We…begins with me-the me […]

Beauty & Blessings: This Week's Goodie Bag!

Courage. It’s the willingness to follow your heart. Courage. It’s the willingness to lead with your heart. Coeur=heart in French. Heart Age. Courage. It’s the willingness to live from your heart. As I was reminded this week, following your heart is not easy. It takes guts. It takes boldness. It takes character. It’s risky but […]

Beauty & Blessings: This Week’s Goodie Bag UPDATED!

For some of you, you may have read this on Thursday and thought “It’s not the weekend.” Well, while writing this post, I accidentally pressed a short cut that published it before I was done. I’m not perfect. Life’s not perfect but I’m going to just keep going….lol ————————- Hello Wonderful Souls, Happy Weekend! The theme […]

5 Companies + 5 Quotes to Inspire You Today…and Everyday.

“Do no harm” (signpost for design) Legacies are created each day and this company has decided theirs would be to help individuals and communities #liveoutloudeveryday. With FREE meet-ups worldwide, their annual #lolewhite tour, and a fashion line that includes pieces made out of recycled bottles, organic cotton, etc.,  LOLE  (pronounced LO-LAY, @lolewomen) is a Canadian company […]