Are YOU Ready?

Good Morning Rockstars, Happy Tuesday! I have the incredible privilege of knowing, meeting, and getting to know AMAZING people. Yesterday was living proof. My day kicked off with a Partner meeting with AJ Tibando (@ajtibando) who is nothing short of dynamite. As opposed to me sharing her story, I’m going to let her do the […]

Share & Tell: The Goody Bag

Hello Beautiful People, Happy New Week:). It’s that time again for Share & Tell. This month features a month full of FREE Meet-Ups (including Yoga, Strength & Conditioning and more), an upcoming intimate and interactive all about Love, and some lovely new companies to check out. Inspiration is everywhere. It’s just a matter of if […]

I Am Guilty.

I like stuff and along side with stuff comes something that perhaps we have in common: a competitive nature. Along this journey of living my dreams, I am guilty of not once, not twice, but more times than I’d like to admit, taken my eyes off my journey and become enthralled, obsessed and envious with […]

The Bank of Rock Stars: Investment Strategies

Download a FREE copy of the number one Game-Changers for Rock Stars: “1/2 Ass Yes vs. Respectful No” Remember to Invest in people (including yourself), causes, and things that are meaningful to you as wise investments lead to wealthy returns.

Mis(s) Communication

A couple of weeks ago, I announced that I would be embarking on a 6 month adventure called The Playground Project (see below for details or please visit and sharing my experiences with all of you in the hopes of raising awareness for the opportunities that exist, the elements that connect us all, and […]