5 Keys to Chaos

Yesterday morning I woke up alive and kicking. I love Tuesdays as they always start with an extra cuddle in bed, breakfast with Drew and a morning Yoga class at Lole Atelier Oakville. As I drove toward the Atelier, my eyes were drawn in two directions. One- the road in front of me, and two-a […]

Inside-Out Living.

Mosquitoes and I do not get along. We seem to have a love-hate relationship. They love me and I hate them. (My mum told me hate is a strong word and one that I shouldn’t use but in the context of mosquitoes, I feel like it’s appropriate) It is rather annoying because I can’t seem […]

Shower of Peace.

There’s a famous saying that, “When it rains, it pours.” This certainly proved true this past Saturday at the #LoleWhite Yoga (www.lolewomen.com) event in Toronto. This event brought together over 1800 attendees to participate in a yoga practice for peace led by the beautiful @GraceDubery (www.gracedubery.com). As if on queue, the rain began trickling down as […]

Today’s Special (a FREE gift for you!)

Ladies and Gents, Happy phenomenal Tuesday! Though it is overcast and rainy in this part of the country, it’s a reminder that the only weather that really matters is our internal climate. I’ve been thinking…a lot. And usually with that comes new insights, new ideas, and new things to give away. As we approach the […]


In our family, we have a saying made “famous” by my Uncle Wah Foong. The saying is, “Do you know why it’s so good? (*it in his context usually refers to a meal of sort)…because it is FREE!!!” Yes folks, individuals both young and old from every corner of the world enjoy a FREE offer […]

3 Letter Powerhouse.

It’s a three letter word that holds so much power, promise, and potential. It’s comparable to a bridge, an ‘x’ factor, and glue. It takes two things and puts it together. It requires thought, (often times) creativity, and a “Hell-Yes” attitude to stay committed and make it happen. AND is that powerful. According to Merriam-Webster […]

2013 Goodie Bag

It’s January 2013-the start of an INCREDIBLE year ahead. The Rockstar within you is waiting to be Unleashed and NOW IS IT. Go to the Gift Boutique (or click on the image below) and download your copy of ROCKSTAR 52: 52 Weeks of Make It Happen Mastery and get ready to Unleash Greatness in 2013. […]