The Power of ONE.

“If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in the dark with a mosquito.”

—Betty Reese

You’ve been there. I certainly have been there (and sometimes find myself there).

We bust out of the gate like a race horse, fully believing that we can win the race (a.k.a do anything we set our minds to). All of a sudden, we find ourselves behind one horse, and then maybe two horses. It doesn’t take long for that voice of doubt to creep in taunting us and luring us to believe that we don’t have what it takes; we’re not going to win so we shouldn’t even try, and the loudest one of them all, we’re not good enough.

The truth is, the quality of our lives are made up of the choices we make each day. Our perspective, our attitudes, our ability to forgive, and our ability to love are all…choices. And our choices matter because you and I matter. They not only affect our life but also affect the lives of many others directly and indirectly.


Just last week, a gentleman driving a large dump truck crashed into and damaged the steel structure of a busy throughway. Three other vehicles were damaged following this collision. He was driving impaired. As a result of this, the throughway was closed and has been closed for the past 3.5 days. One person’s choice affected thousands of people over the course of this weekend.

Robby Novak (a.k.a. Kid President) is a 10 year old kid who along with his brother-in-law Brad Montague began creating fun Youtube videos to as they say, “help the world be more awesome” and of course spend some time together. What they didn’t know at the time was these videos would go on to be seen by millions around the world, be picked up by SoulPancake, and lead to a book deal between SoulPancake and HarperCollins! Oh yeah, Robby just so happens to have osteogenesis imperfecta (a disease that makes his bones brittle). Despite his fragility, each day he shows us that true strength comes from within and that the only limitations we have are the ones we place on ourselves.

Two individuals who have impacted many through the choices they made.

Ladies and Gents, each day you and I are given the opportunity to choose who we will be and who we will give to this world. And our choices have the power to transform lives. The question is, how will you choose to use your power?

Be Love(d)

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