Destiny vs. Ambition

“He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.”-John 3:30

There are a lot of quotes and words of wisdom floating around the internetverse and to be honest, I may have Googled them once or twice. So when I first came upon the quote above, I was stopped in my tracks. It said what I needed to hear, not necessarily what my humanside wanted to hear.

Life in the 21st Century is far from simple. There is growing pressure that surrounds us in terms of our health (e.g., Zika virus), safety and security (e.g., ISIS), and the rollercoaster that is our economy. All of this while social media encourages us or atleast has the ability to trick us into believing that the best lives are reserved for the physically beautiful, the economically elite (those who can literally roll in money), and who are V.P. of something. Physical Beauty. Popularity. Prestige. We live in a world that encourages us to become greater and greater, and God must become less and less.

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Boom. How many of us have ever lived this way? I know I have…more than once. And you know what, it’s gotten me no where…fast. Sure there may have been successes but they have been void of any real fulfillment. Sure they may ticked off the physical beauty, popularity, and prestige boxes but that was end of it. Physical beauty, popularity, and prestige are wonderful but the truth is, one day they are here and the next day they are gone. Just as easily as you can be named People’s Most Beautiful Person, you can be labeled a One Hit wonder and with it there goes everything you thought mattered.




During a rather rough part in my 20’s, I struggled with who I was, who I wanted to be, and what the hell I was doing with my life. I saw what I thought I wanted yet somehow even before getting there I knew something was missing. What I didn’t know at that time was that something was really someone. I began waking up at 5:00am to read before work and got myself a subscription to Success Magazine. Things began to change because I began to change.



The truth is, life was getting better but not without its share of oops, whoops, and oh geez moments. Something was still missing. Someone was still missing.

“He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.”-John 3:30

Here I was becoming greater and greater and there He was becoming less and less. I had reversed this statement to fit the world’s standards and in doing so found myself easily confused, easily discouraged, easily defeated.

And then it happened. The knock on the door. There was always a knock at my door but until that point, I had ignored it. But that day, I decided to open the door and invite the gentleman outside into my heart. I’ve never been the same since.

He’s wrecked me and my very best plans in the most amazing possible way (though I may not have always agreed to it in that moment). For so long, I foolishly thought that I had great plans for my life. Boy was I wrong.
This gentleman did it all. He healed the brokenness in my heart, and watered the parched places of my life. He repaired the broken light and used the salt from every tear to add flavour to this world. He saw me at my lowest and loved me. He saw me at my best and loved me. He came into my life when others were walking out. He didn’t accuse me or belittle me. Instead He acknowledged me and built me up. He gave me life when others were sucking the life from me. He showed me how to put things together and get rid of the things that were just taking up space (crappy thoughts, old dreams, unhealthy relationships, mediocre opportunities).

In one instant, life went from being meaningless to being meaningful. As I focused on and leaned in on Him, I had less time or interest in consuming myself with me and my world. I wanted more of Him. I need more of Him. And the thing about becoming less and less is that love (and life) become more and more with Him.

On our own we may be able to do well in the 100m dash but not in this marathon of life. Without the proper training, we get weary, exhausted, and want to quit. Luckily for us this gentleman is a Jesus-of-all-trades. “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”-1 Corinthians 12:9

And so dear friends, if there is anything I hope you take away from today’s ramblings, it is this: if you want to lead an eternally successful and significant life-one of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment, may you read, remember, and consider this “He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.”-John 3:30




Divine Destiny vs. Selfish Ambition
By: Christine Caine

Destiny draws you; ambitions drives you.
Destiny marks you; ambition markets you.
Destiny is about building the Kingdom; ambition is about building our empire.
Destiny honours; ambition competes.
Destiny evokes loyalty; ambition is selfish.
Destiny is all about the cause of Christ; ambition is all about elevating my gift.
Destiny is about finding our place in the body; ambition is about securing my position and title.
Destiny is others focused; ambition is self focused.
Destiny is ok anonymity; ambition wants the limelight.
Destiny is concerned with the lost; ambition is concerned with how many are following me.
Destiny is God dependent; ambition is self-sufficient.
Destiny produces fruit; ambition produces opinion.
Destiny is God-pleasing; ambition is man-pleasing.
Destiny is about legacy; ambition is about now.
Destiny is about becoming Christ-like; ambition is about becoming self-actualizing.
Destiny produces obedience; ambition forfeits any sacrifice.
Destiny produces anointing; ambition just wants to promote gift and talent.
Destiny is submitted; ambition is independent.
Destiny is Spirit-lead; ambition is self-planned path to success.
Destiny is God’s will; ambition is my will.
Destiny takes time; ambition wants immediate results.
Destiny loves people; ambition leverages relationships.
Destiny gives; ambition takes.
Destiny is generous; ambition protects.
Destiny aims for Jesus; ambition aims for self.

“We’re all following the same person but we’re not all on the same path. Embrace the path that God has you on.”-Judah Smith


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