The Amazing (g)Race: I Don’t Wait Anymore.


We all have dreams. At some point. About something, some place, and/or some one. Life and dreams come together. Some dream to move to a different place. While others dream of who they will marry, if they will marry, when they’ll get married, etc. And for others, the dream is just that they aren’t in the same place next year that they are in this year. Some dream of winning the lottery and/or being financially free while others dream about just getting out of debt. Some dream big while others dream small. Some stop dreaming while others continue dreaming. Dreams. We’ve all had them. At some point.

But what if the dreams you have for your life don’t work out? What if everything that you thought you wanted for your life gets interrupted? What if the response to the prayers you’ve been praying is…no? Then what? What do you do when life doesn’t go the way you planned it?

“Man plans, God laughs.”-Yiddish Proverb

I’ve seen evidence of this in my own life and in the lives of others:

What if I told you that the place where your dreams got broken is the place where the most amazing things can happen if you’ll just let it? Believe it, because it’s true.”-Grace Thornton

Prior to this, I had never heard of Grace Thornton before. As I began reading her book “I Don’t Wait Anymore”, I met a lady who articulated in words what many of us have experienced: shattered dreams. Plans that did not pan out. Journeys that took detours.

“Money and a good latte protect us from a lot of things. It is too easy in this country for blessings to become rights, for stuff and money to become what calls the shots in our lives. And before we know it, God’s gifts have replaced God Himself.-Jennie Allen

We in North America, are so blessed yet so bitter. We have an abundance of food yet are malnourished. We are fed yet ungrateful. We have endless opportunities in front of us yet more often than not, we prostitute ourselves for a paycheque. We appear physically strong but are emotionally broken. We are blinded by what we see. We are mute for the things that matter. We strive but find ourselves stuck. We compare hoping to find contentment but we find chaos instead. We chase after the next thing to satisfy us but the only thing that will satisfy us is the One who chases us.

Grace’s story is one that speaks to our souls. If we never achieve the dreams we have for ourselves, is our life any less significant? Should we consider ourselves utter failures when those around us seem to be living THE life while we look around at all the things that have not worked out in ours? What Grace has learned and continues to learn through her journey is that broken dreams can lead to a better life when we place our life in the hands of an amazing God. While many of us dream about things, God’s ultimate dream is for us to know Him (when we really consider this notion, it is utterly amazing. The God who created the universe wants us to know Him! Seriously?!?). So many of us pursue careers, relationships, houses, vacations, certain lifestyles, etc. And while these things are not bad in themselves, what if they were the very things keeping us from God’s best? Would you and I be willing to exchange what we’ve been holding on to (for years) for what He has planned? Grace encourages us to take the plunge because what God has in store for us is always far better, far more amazing than the greatest dreams we have for ourselves.

“As the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are my ways higher than your ways
and my thoughts than your thoughts.”
-Isaiah 55:9

“I Don’t Wait Anymore”  like The Amazing Race, is an invite to live bigger, love deeper, and experience the presence of God on an even greater level. And that my friends is beyond anything you and I can think, dream, or imagine.

What are YOU waiting for?


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