Crap-Free Living

Dear Rockstar, Happy Tuesday! I hope you’re having an amazing week thus far and that it will only get better. I have something to tell you. Perhaps you already know or perhaps not. The truth is, you need to know. YOU MATTER and YOUR LIFE MATTERS.  See this world we live in, it needs you […]

The Importance of "Oh My God" Moments

Happy Friday Rock Stars! This week, as I struggled to come up with something to write about, I had to look no further than the amazing people around me. Today, I want to say a big thank-you to the wonderful and beautiful KIM MACGREGOR ( for sharing this inspiring video by the very talented LOUIE SCHWARTZBERG ( […]

Share & Tell: Finder’s share…

Many of us have heard the old phrase “Finder’s keepers.” Well today, I am proposing a new version, which is “Finder’s share.” In our society, which is filled with competition, one-upping, and ego-driven behaviour, I invite you to consider that TRUE authentic power and confidence comes from sharing who you are, what you have, and […]