What is Your Signature Trademark? Part II: …from Pitiful to Powerful

Wait and see. I’m not sure about you but those words don’t exactly produce the ooey gooey feelings within me. If anything, it generates the curious (insert often times impatient) nature in me that says “what and why are we waiting and what are we going to see?” Can you relate? If you’ve ever had […]

Take the Lead. Do You Dare?

Leadership. We often equate this word, this topic with the business world or heads of state/countries. After all, leaders are C.E.O.s and others with fancy titles right? Consider this: Who leads your family? Who leads your life? Recently, I read “Good Leaders Ask Great Questions” by world-renowned leadership expert, coach, pastor, author, and speaker John […]

A Guide to Living a Life of Success and Significance.

“Like sand through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives.”-Intro to Days of Our Lives 168 hours/week 24 hours/day 1440 minutes/day $86,400/day Growing up, I was really, REALLY into Soap Operas. My baby sitter used to watch All My Children and General Hospital while I was supposed to be napping but for […]

Beauty & Blessings: This Week in Wonder & Awe(some)

Hey There Beautiful Soul, Happy Everyday…to you! May this week’s treasures nourish your spirit, fuel your soul, and inspire your heart. With love, Joann xo We belong to…eachother. True Love is colourblind. Come as you are… Loved this story! When talent meets a need, incredibleness can happen. Give Indi Cowie a soccer ball and magic […]