It's T & F Season…

I’ve always been a fan of track & field. There are so many different events that make up track & field. Some athletes are track stars while others excel at the field sports and some compete in both. What I love about track and field is the variety. It’s an individual sport and a team sport.

This reminds me of the journey of life. We are all part of a greater team and yet an essential part of the process is finding the sports/events that we excel at. Why is this important? Because by training/refining/competing in the sports that we are great at, it gives our team a better shot at winning.

IMAGINE what our world would be like if everyone or atleast the majority of folks were using their gifts and talents doing things they excel at vs. keeping them latent while attempting to just get by. Excellence is not merely a result. It is an attitude, a standard, and a lifestyle. 

The temptation comes during the seasons in which we are training and refining our technique(s) while others appear to have mastered their event. They make it look so effortless tempting us to think and possibly (falsely) believe that their event is easier (and maybe we should consider switching sports to be like them).

“It’s the things that no one sees that produces the results that everyone wants.”-Craig Groeschel

Craig Groeschel Qote

We were all designed for a specific purpose. I want to encourage all of us (this includes me because I surely need it) to stay focused when things get tough and we are tempted to quit.

May you and I follow the nudges of our heart vs. the neurotic thoughts of our mind.

Nudges of the heart


Stay. In. Y(our). Lane.

Run. Y(our). Race.

Give. Y(our). Best.

Never stop getting better, being better.

This is about you and it’s not about you.

T & F….Trust & Faith.

T&F: Trust & Faith
T&F: Trust & Faith

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