Chasing Slow: Courage to Journey Off the Beaten Path

Have you ever chased something? Maybe a love interest or a job. Perhaps it was a certain article of clothing or the next “in” thing in technology. If we are all honest, we’ve all chased something. We chase. We pursue. We strive. We struggle. We doubt. We falter. We succeed (sometimes). We fail (sometimes). We wonder. We compare. We complain. We chase.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”-Luke 12:34

Ed Catmull once said “Art is about learning how to see.” I think it’s missing two letters. It should really say “Heart is about learning how to see.”

Enter Erin Loechner.

Occupation: Blogger/Stylist

Pursuit: Chasing Slow

Chasing Slow=Erin’s Journal (secrets + struggles + significant moments/memories/lessons) + Lifestyle Tips + Activity Book all wrapped up in a beautifully designed book. It’s seriously beautiful.

Erin says what most of us are thinking. She shares what most of us might keep hidden. She pursues what most of us procrastinate with. She lives in a way most of us put on the “someday” board.

Raw. Honest. Soul-bearing. Unapologetic.

“Chasing Slow” is an invite to rest, reset, restore, and reconsider what life is truly about. It’s an invite to listen and let go. It’s an invite to learn…how to see.

P.S. And yes those are photos of my copy of Chasing Slow. You can see by the photos that there are lots of golden nuggets in this beautiful book:)

To learn more about Erin Loechner and Chasing Slow, please visit

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