Beauty & Blessings: This Week in Wonder & Awe(some)

Hi Beautiful Soul,

There’s a saying that goes: “For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.”-Ecclesiastes 3:1

But there are some things that I believe are fit for EVERY season: love, kindness, hope, creativity, perseverance, joy, and more.

May this week’s treasures fuel your soul and remind you that who you are and who you choose to be each day…matters more than you’ll ever know.


You. Are. Loved.



Never Say Never! A Story of Hope, Fueled By Love…

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 1.31.46 PM

How to Make a Profit while Making a Difference…

Taking Soccer to a Whole Other Level…#soccerstars

Some See a Cave, These Folks See Something SACRED….


What Does Unicycling Have to Do With Anything? Everything!

Photo Credit: KIPP Austin Comunidad
Photo Credit: KIPP Austin Comunidad


This Olympian, is Worthy of GOLD for doing this…

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 2.44.43 PM

Not Your Ordinary School Lunch…(we could learn a thing or two from Andrew Tarlow)

Photo Credit: Andrew Tarlow
Photo Credit: Andrew Tarlow

I Spy With My Little I-Phone: This Week in Photos…

There’s just something about a bowl of spaghetti bolognese that brings comfort to the soul. #Italianbylove #cleaneating #foodie #bonappetit


Serenity. #1000gifts #beauty


Roasted Veggie Greek inspired Buddha bowl. #delish #meatlessmonday #foodie #bonappetit #cleaneating


Everything in its time. We try to rush things…atleast I know I have. We try and make things happen in our own timing…atleast I know I have. We strive and we strive some more…atleast I know have. The truth is, we can plant the seed, water the seed, nourish the seed, and add growth food, but no one truly knows when the flower will bloom. That happens in its own time…just like you and I. So friend, wherever you find yourself today, be patient with the process and embrace the journey. Your time will come…it’s in you. Always has been, always will be. You. Are. Loved. No strings attached. It’s non-negotiable. #youmatter #liveoutloudeveryday #life #confessions
Greeted by the beauty of the sun and the wisdom of the Son:). A Daniel 12:3 week has just begun! #bvd #beauty #love #lifestyle


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