This Week in Photos: Beautiful Blessings

Hello beautiful people,

Happy Weekend! First off, a very HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY to our darling God-daughter Jillian. We love you beyond words.

This week was all about new experiences and life’s little reminders. Some were found in the sky while others were found here, there, and everywhere!

Wishing you a weekend overflowing with opportunities to savour, enjoy, and capture life’s beautiful blessings.





another spectacular view from our balcony…
Reminders are everywhere! This one came in the form of an arrow shaped piece of mint in my fruit salad. KEEP MOVING FORWARD:)
A little adventure this week lead to a collage of inspiration.
Fair trade ginger lime rooibos from the Green Grind in Toronto courtesy of my dentist Dr. Tiffany Sagel! @the_green_grind
I love sunsets. Hopefully you can see why!
Homemade baked artichoke chips! #cleaneating #foodporn
A little #foodtruckfriday love in Niagara. Pictured here is the delicious black pepper & buttermilk fried chicken on a kaiser, with chipotle aioli and cabbage crunch.


For even more photos, check out Everyday New and/or perhaps consider starting your own photo adventure!





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  1. check out bruce lipton, think you will like it hugs laura

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